2009 ends

I know, it ended a while ago but I have just not had time to add a post about how busy we were towards the end of the year. There was the usual bouts of tidying up, plus we were trying to do a bit of stocktaking of some of the smaller areas of our collection, and collect books and textbooks back from departing students. Continually printing out lists, going to various classes and parades, reminding students to bring their books back, phoning home, mailing out letters…all just to get back items which will no doubt be brought back anyway in 2010 as students return!

But until they do bring them back, they can’t get their texts for the following year so there is some pressure on them. Assuming they want them, that is!

This will be the first year we have done this in the library, as our textbooks used to be housed in a separate part of the school. Now they are part of us, physically, so we have had to work out some procedures  for managing their distribution.

IMG_7091a As you can see, they have been piled onto tables and I am hoping that the students will be walking in one set of doors (in our annexes) and then out the front door. We will set up two laptops and barcode readers and have them act as “checkouts”. IMG_7094a

This is the first time we have had to deal with this in such a fashion; if others have had success with other methods, I am happy to learn. We have to check as they arrive if they have paid their school fees; if so, they get their texts. If not, or they have items outstanding, they cannot get their texts.

So that is the plan for the beginning of the year…I will keep everyone posted as to how we went!

Library Relocations

We have been in the process of relocating our Text Hire section/branch to the main library. Not a lot of fun and in the middle of impending cyclone/storms…

There were heaps of boxes coming down and then the removalists had the “fun” of dismantling and reassembling the compactus. Fiddly and frustrating work. I am glad it was them doing it and not me!

Still to come: getting all of the books back into the shelves and making some hard decisions about some class sets which have not been used for some time. They will probably end up going to a good home in some Pacific island! I will add some pics as I can.