What’s been going on?

It has been over a term since I last added something here and while nobody else is obviously wondering what is going on, I have to wonder myself…

2013 has begun like the last year ended. Busy. When I was a full-time classroom teacher, there was an element of predictability to the year. Terms began, assessment was given out, marked, returned, classrooms were tidied for the holidays, planning sessions were held to discuss and prepare for the new units. Now? Projects I wanted to start way back when get carried over from one week to the next. My reading pile gets larger by the week. It almost feels as though there has been no progress at all on some fronts!

I can’t blame it on any one thing in particular. My starting studies again? Maybe. Picking up a new class of my own? No. Continuing to work on elearning professional learning things for the school? Not that either. All of these things in concert, though, and with the pressures on the school generally with staffing, classes, national curriculum…all of these things must have some impact. (And if I am so busy, how do I find time to do this???)

At some stage, but not right now, I will have to reassess what I am doing with this space. I have a few other virtual spaces, some which I share with students behind the department’s firewalls, and they require constant maintenance. That might be where my online energy has gone, I suspect. So be prepared. One day, this site might exist only as a ghostly archive of my thoughts and memories…

Been Quiet…

Yes, things have gotten away from me, I admit. Busy times…doing what, you may ask? Well, since the holidays, here are some activities and things that have happened (in no real order):

  • Early this past week, I attended the eLearn Expo run by Education Queensland at the Gold Coast. Came away with lots of ideas and just as many questions.
  • At the beginning of the term, we arranged for the school ID photos, held in the Library. Not too much from me, other than organise it and then help muster the children in, check uniforms and so on.
  • Conducted some professional development on interactive whiteboards, so that meant spending some time ensuring that I knew what I was doing!
  • Got some classes started on their wide reading tasks, sometimes with two classes during the same lesson, at different times, obviously.
  • Balanced my finances using the department’s new finance system (and don’t get me started on this!).
  • Taught some staff and their classes how to best use Flip Cameras and other items.
  • Migrated our school website from one platform to the next iteration (poorly).
  • Enrolled in a course and pilot to use the next web platform for our schools
  • and a pile of other things that have been forgotten…(including some reading!).

I am sure that if you look back over your time, it is also filled with stuff that gets in the way of blogging, or chatting or reflecting. Busy times, eh? But I promise to be better…

Time for a change…

In the next few days, I will be making some changes to this site. Mainly, I am going to alter the theme so that the RSS link is not at the bottom of the page but closer to the top so visitors can subscribe easier. Whether they do or not remains to be seen!


Book Reviews

Looking at what I have done with this so far, I am thinking that I will move long reviews to my own blog page. I will keep an ongoing record here but they will be shorter snippets of reviews.


Mainly to keep the focus on what we are doing in the library and it is far more than just sitting around reading books! It was also making the tag cloud look a little weird, as there were so many entries on books. I guess that is not really a problem…Anyway, there it is.

Blogging categories

I have been after a blogging solution for a while so will try this and see if it can be accessed from school. Hope so…Can kids access it?

What blog categories to have? Maybe Book Reviews? News? Do they automatically display on the Home Page? Will try them out with some old posts…