On Supernatural Romance (and other matters)

I popped into a store his afternoon to get a few things for school, including some fiction titles. What amazed me (again? still?) was the sheer volume of supernatural romance titles available. I presume that these are mainly targeted at young girls, judging by the covers, contents and borrowing history at school. Tales of young girls who live in small towns where there is a tortured/troubled young boy with dark allure. They might get involved with a bad crowd or a group of misfits who turn out to be vampires, or were-creatures or fairies. The main character might have some deep ancestral link to an ancient fairie cult. And so on…

This current trend in YA publishing has been around for some time, especially noticeable since Twilight, and far be it from me to decry someone else’s reading choice, but surely there is something else to write about?

I was discussing the recent range of shortlisted CBC Books for Older Readers with a colleague who also happened to be a CBC judge and we mentioned something similar with the selections. Publishers maybe are not wanting to be too risky with their titles and authors. He said that there was a preference for series books and that makes for some profit on their part. If it has been successful once (or twice or…), then keep it coming. Now I like a good series as much as the next person (see my reviews for evidence of this!), but if the series has just been cobbled together to make money, as opposed to sharing an original creation, then what good is that? It makes for some lazy writing with stereotyped characters, settings and narratives.

I would like to see some original visions and I have seen some in the newer fantasy and science-fiction I have read lately, as well as some of the graphic novels. But the mainstream YA fiction? Not really…

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  1. I highly agree with that Mr Symonds! As much as i love the Twilight Saga, it is getting a bit old.

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